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Are You Prepared If Silver Breaks Free?

It’s not often that I get excited about Silver.  But when this silver mining company came back on my radar last week, I felt it was my solemn duty to give you the goods on this stock...  

It’s true, everybody’s looking at the move in Gold right now.  And silver has taken its familiar backseat once again. But that’s what makes this metal so sneaky, and so dang profitable for those who actually know how the silver market works.  

You see, Silver is pegged to Gold.  But it usually only makes its moves a few months behind.  It’s not a day to day thing.  

That’s why it’s so easy for most investors to miss the boat.  

So while you may hear your golf buddies bragging at the 19th hole about their gold stocks.  That guy with a 30 handicap is quietly banking major profits in these less visible silver stocks.  

Yes. Silver has always played second fiddle to gold and gold stocks.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on this private club. And the one stock that I’m profiling here today is your golden, ahem, SILVER ticket to a club that very few get to be a part of. 

But first...

Why do I think the silver market holds such massive potential?   

Here’s an excerpt from a transcript I took of a well-known Silver bug, Jeff Clark…..  He states that Silver is about to absolutely skyrocket…  

Of course, this guy has made a career out of ‘liking’ Silver.  But when you hear his reasons backed up by proof, it’s hard to argue with him….

JEFF CLARK:  “What’s the number 1 reason I think that’s gonna happen? (Why Silver has no choice but to skyrocket) 

Is it because Silver demand is rising?  Demand globally is rising all over the world, the US Coin sales are down.  But the demand for silver is at an all time high. It’s not letting up.

Or am I thinking Silver is gonna scream higher because a lot of silver has been lost? And can’t be recycled?  Almost half of all silver ever mined - since we have records on silver production & silver storage - is now in a landfill.”

Those reasons may not seem as glitzy and glamorous as what you’ll hear about the gold market… with it’s constant talk of manipulation and scandals.  Clark’s reasons are just simple ‘supply and demand’ facts... 

But that’s what actually makes stocks go up!  

He goes on to give 12 more entirely convincing reasons the silver market is itching to catch fire and it will only need a tiny spark to do it.  

If you’re not invested in silver yet, you’ll want to be by the end of his presentation.  The speech is a little bit long-winded though. So I took a little time to transcribe the high points for our CaddyStocks crew.  Too long to post here, but Click here and I’ll send you the transcript at no cost. Only takes about a minute to read.  

Seriously you’ll want to read this transcript or you’ll be kicking yourself… 

Before we get to the stock, there’s one last important point….  

And it’s this…  

  • Once you wrap your head around why Silver is such a massive opportunity.  
  • Once you realize a big move in silver is almost guaranteed to happen.  
  • And once you determine that you want to take advantage of this move in the best possible way… 

The next logical step is to look for companies whose main goal is to produce Silver.  

Makes sense. Right? 

That’s when you realize the sad fact that there are so few Real Pure Silver plays out there to be found.  

Take a look at the percentage of silver production that comes from some of these companies that are known as Silver companies. 

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How To Ride The Coming Silver Stock Mania...The Smart Way

Screenshot from Jeff Clark's Silver Presentation

For instance Silvercorp Metals, one of the current top silver producers, is only about 50% silver.  

So if Silver does as we expect, and we do in fact see a dramatic spike in the price of Silver, the stocks with the most to gain will be the smaller stocks who are heavily weighted toward the metal itself.

Which is why I got so excited when I read the balance sheet on this stock.  And it’s the sole reason I’m making this my #1 Silver pick of 2019 and beyond.  

Enter Aftermath Silver Ltd,  a new company that is as close to a pure silver play as you’re gonna get.  At least 90 percent of its holdings are Silver.  That may seem standard. But when you look at the field of Silver stocks to choose from, that’s far and above the norm.  

Here’s the deal.  

Aftermath Silver is a small cap silver exploration company based in Chile.  It trades on the US OTC exchange as FLMZF (Update Jan 10, 2020:  Aftermath has changed its US ticker to AAGFF Click here for the current chart)  and in Canada under AAG.  

I first heard about this stock in June…

Since then it’s had an amazing run up in August and has held up very well against the pullback in the price of gold and silver.  Take a look at the chart below and you’ll see that Aftermath is in an ideal spot to build up a position before the next move. 

The October low should make for good support on the stock now.  So the risk to the downside is minimal for those entering the stock now. 

Look there’s a common mistake that most traders make.  They sit around and wait for a stock to prove itself before jumping in.  Well the thing is, this one has already shown what it’s capable of and the pullback in the metals has given us a rare gift to enter at still discounted prices. 

In my experience you see the biggest gains in these types of stocks with a market cap around $5 million that are just getting started out.   

But if you’re worried at all about investing in a stock this small, let me tell you who’s not worried... Eric Sprott.  Yes, the famed Eric Sprott has recently thrown his hat into the Aftermath ring. He’s bought up over 2million dollars worth so far.  And that’s at current levels.  

It’s not often traders like us get to buy in at the same price as one of the biggest metals investors in the world.  

Aftermath has used the fuel from Sprott’s cash infusion to buy up another property, the Challacollo Project located in Chile.  By early next year, exploration drilling should be in full swing. And, if Sprott and the team at Aftermath is correct, it could be a windfall for all involved…. Including little old investors like us.

Together with their first property, Cachinal-Silver-Gold Property also located in Chile, the two properties have already indicated over 47 Million ounces of silver.  And they hope to define more than 100 Moz through further drilling and exploration.  

If you’ve done your homework on Silver.  If you know the explosive potential silver holds right now. And if you’ve already read my free report, you do know.  Then it’s extremely exciting to see a stock like Aftermath come along at just the right time.  

So if you’d like more info on the company before you decide to take the plunge, you can check out Aftermath’s full corporate presentation here.  Or click here to look at the latest stock chart.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article.  If you like this type of content... And if you want to discover more stock opportunities like this.  Stocks that you won’t hear about in the mainstream until it’s too late... Then make sure to get on our alerts list by signing up through one of the many optin forms on this page.  


Aftemath on American OTC:  FLMZF,  Canadian TSX trades under AAG

Aftermath Chart on OTCMKTS: FLMZF now AAGFF.   On Canadian TSX:AAG 

by Daniel Reid

Screenshot from Jeff Clark's Presentation.  Get my transcript here

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"The most profitable picks site I've found online... You guys have become my goto for small caps.  

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Mark M.
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